Smart Cybersecurity

Webroot Endpoint Protection combines the secure anywhere file pattern and predictive behaviour recognition technology with advanced machine learning to; stop malware and zero-day threats at the moment of the attack.  Webroot antivirus uses cloud-based management and thus does not require any on-premises hardware or software. The cloud-based management console makes it easy to manage up to 100,000 endpoints and offers a hierarchical structure to control multiple sites and locations.

Webroot Endpoint Protection is powered by the industry-leading Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform; which combines the real-time intelligence with advanced machine learning and behaviour heuristics to be able to detect, analyse, categorise, score and accurately predict the threats experienced by each endpoint in real-time.

In addition to providing multi-vector real-time protection from the latest malware strains; Webroot offers some additional security shield capabilities to keep the user and their devices safe.

  • Identity Shield – protects users and transactional data that could be exposed during online transactions from phishing, DNS poisoning, keystroke logging, cookie scraping and other malicious attempts.
  • Infrared Shield – a multi-layer defence to help thwart threats early on.
  • Web Threat Shield – leverages Webroot’ anti-phishing technology to offer real-time protection against polymorphic phishing URLs as well as malicious websites and domains.
  • Intelligent Outbound Firewall – augments the Microsoft Windows firewall to protect users on and off corporate network. It also monitors all outbound traffics and ensures only approved applications communicate with the network.

As a Webroot partner; Motivate IT provides real-time protection against a number of malicious threats including as email, web browsing, file attachments, online ads, social media apps, hyperlinks, USB and CD/DVD drives. Webroot Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based solution making it easy to deploy and manage.

Unlike other traditional antivirus programs; Webroot Endpoint Protection offers protection that secures users and devices at every stage of a cyber attack. Webroot combines real-time intelligence; obtained from Webroot BrightCloud services with advanced machine learning and behaviour heuristics to offer the best-in-class protection from malicious threats.