System Failure

Information technology systems require hardware, software, data and connectivity. Without one component of the “system,” the system may not run.

Therefore, recovery strategies should be developed to anticipate the loss of one or more of the following system components:

  • Computer room environment (secure computer room with climate control, conditioned and backup power supply, etc.)
  • Hardware (networks, servers, desktop and laptop computers, wireless devices and peripherals)
  • Connectivity to a service provider (fiber, cable, wireless, etc.)
  • Software applications (electronic data interchange, electronic mail, enterprise resource management, office productivity, etc.)
  • Data and restoration

Some business applications cannot tolerate any downtime. They utilise multiple data centres capable of handling all data processing requirements, which run in parallel with data mirrored or synchronized between the centres. This is a very expensive solution that only larger companies can afford. However, there are other solutions available for small to medium sized businesses with critical business applications and data to protect.

Unsure of what solution would suit your business? That’s understandable, there is a lot of information out there and it’s hard to know what options will best protect your business.

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