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Your goal is to help others, our goal is to enable you to do so!

Helping You Help Others

We help NFPs use business technology to meet organisational goals. We consult with organisations to develop strategies for efficient and effective IT systems and processes. Our team can identify where there are challenges for your organisation, and identify opportunities to deliver value where it will make the biggest impact.

Not all IT businesses are the same! Here’s how we specifically help Not For Profit Organisations

Cloud Technology

Not For Profit Organisations operating in today’s environment face unprecedented challenges and those organisations that fail to embrace technology and innovation will be left behind in the market. Cloud technology introduces a range of innovative and productivity-enhancing applications that can help reduce costs, manage growth, ensure compliance and advance the organisation’s cause.

IT Funding

Not For Profit Organisations seek funding in many ways, from soliciting private donations, holding fundraising events, competitions and seeking government or philanthropic grants.

Motivate IT can assist your organisation to secure funding for any relevant technology expenditure and will actively pursue potential funding opportunities on your organisations behalf.

Strategic IT Planning

Strategic IT planning is becoming critical for modern Not For Profit Organisations as they must increasingly deal with new regulations, government policy changes and rising costs. A Motivate IT Strategic IT plan help your organisation stay technically agile and abreast of newer disruptive technologies and smart social marketing ensuring your organisation has the best chance when competing for funding and support.

Cost Savings

The reduction of technology costs is another benefit that Not for Profit organisations can benefit from when they partner with Motivate IT. Utilising cloud technology allows Not For Profit Organisations to avoid the ongoing problem of installing, upgrading and maintaining IT solutions, and frees up employees’ to instead concentrate on the goals of the organisation. Cloud computing also offers Not For Profit Organisations enterprise-class security, disaster recovery and backups, reducing their technology risk at a much lower cost than if they were to attempt “roll their own” solution.

Remote Access and Mobility

For Not For Profit Organisations, remote access and mobility are two very critical factors and Motivate IT can easily make this a reality. Remote access and mobility are a huge factor in the productivity and efficiency of any modern Not For Profit Organisation, allowing grant writers to work remotely, program managers to work offsite and board members to geographically anywhere. When an organization has 24/7/365 internet connectivity and unlimited access to shared data, efficiency is greatly improved and leads to improved levels of service and greater cost savings.

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