Natural Disaster

Ensure Your Business Can Weather Any Storm


Every business has to prepare for the worst. Natural disasters have cost the global economy $2.5 trillion since 2000. On average, 80% of businesses suffering a major disaster go out of business in three years. However, not all disasters are created equal, so preparation isn’t the same for all business. Fires, floods, cyclones can impose serious damage to the livelihood of any business. However depending on type and location of your business, the risk attached can vary significantly.

Fires or floods within an office or building can range from small to large incidents and downtime can vary…

For example, a small office fire can trigger a series of events that result in the complete flooding of computers and telephone systems. Similarly, even a relatively limited amount of water leakage from a broken pipe or valve can put vital infrastructure out of commission.

A large fire, of course, can destroy a business from the inside out and force it to relocate operations completely. In this instance, image if the only data backup your business had was store primarily on one desktop computer? What do you do now?

This is where having a Business Continuity Plan in place becomes vital to a business’ survival, with only 6% of companies without one actually surviving a major natural disaster. It is in this instance that data backup and recovery is key to minimise downtime and financial loss.

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