Do you experience these IT issues?

  • Slow computers
  • Difficulty accessing files or printing documents, especially when you need them most
  • Endless computer problems that your IT support provider can’t seem to resolve
  • Playing telephone tag with your IT support provider and re-explaining issues again and again
  • Unpredictable systems outages at the most crucial times
  • Poor network performance, despite constantly throwing money at it

Then it’s time to re-evaluate your IT support business.

Let’s face it, when it comes to your computers and network, you just want it to work. That’s where we come in!

With a proactive strategy, we can keep a finger on the pulse of your network and alert you to any problems on the horizon. Each plan is customisable to your needs and budget, and with Managed IT Services, rather than just an IT support company, Motivate IT becomes a partner that helps your Tasmanian Not for Profit organisation run smoothly so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Laptops, workstations, mobile phones, tablets — these are all important endpoint devices that connect to your IT network. Keeping them running efficiently and safe from attack is crucial to your business productivity — and a big part of our Tasmanian based managed IT services.

Motivate IT monitors your IT systems and performs regular preventative maintenance to keep you running at full speed.

We Mitigate Your IT Security Risks

Safeguard your IT systems from data loss, hackers, viruses, fires, floods, power outages and other disasters. Our advanced managed security services take physical and virtual threats out of the equation.

Accurate Documentation

It’s your network; you should always have the keys to the kingdom. Our IT support staff document every change we make and deliver detailed network documentation so you’re always in control.

Real-Time Communication

The best IT support staff translate computer issues to business speak. We explain everything in a language you understand and invite your input and questions.

Predictable IT Costs

Pay one fixed monthly rate to keep all IT systems running smoothly. When you know your costs in advance, budgeting IT expenses is easy. We offer flexible managed services plans to meet your needs and budget.

IT Fixed Right The First Time

Time is money. That’s why our engineers take the time to thoroughly address IT issues when they occur — so you never deal with them again.

Fast Response Time

Need to contact IT support? We always answer your calls live, respond to all support requests within one hour or less and fix problems quickly and competently. Most computer issues can be resolved remotely without the need for an onsite visit. (But if we do have to come onsite, we love seeing our customers in person, too.)

Motivate IT customer reviews

Together we have worked with a number of small to enterprise-level organisations – protecting their data, preventing downtime and proactively monitoring, automating and supporting their systems and networks.

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