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Evaluate Your Systems with Professional Support

Our team of friendly IT professionals can consult with you to evaluate your existing systems and create a plan of action to improve organisational security and efficiency.

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Bounce Ideas with a Friendly, Experienced IT Professional

Sometimes discussing ideas with a person with the right experience leads to innovations or excellent solutions. We’re available to talk about specific issues, general tech advice, or help work out the technical logistics of a project or idea.

IT Support Done Right

We specialise in providing IT Support and Services for nonprofit organisations and small businesses in Hobart & Southern Tasmania. Give us a call and see what fast, friendly and highly-responsive outsourced IT services should be.

We can get your broken tech and systems back in working order. We’ll make sure you don’t replace equipment that can be fixed.

We can help you and install new hardware and software to make sure things are done right from
the outset.

We can help you evaluate your existing systems or help you effectively plan the implementation of something new.

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer service provides smaller organisations an executive team member equipped with a strong technical background.

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