IT Support

We provide tech solutions and services small organisations need

We Solve Problems

We know the IT problems small Tasmanian businesses and organisations commonly face, and we know how to solve them. We’re seasoned IT professionals providing tailor-made solutions for small Tasmanian organisations.


We can get your broken tech and systems back in working order. We’ll make sure you don’t replace equipment that can be fixed.


We can help you and install new hardware and software to make sure things are done right from the outset.


We can help you evaluate your existing systems or help you effectively plan the implementation of something new.

Virtual CIO

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer service provides smaller organisations an executive team member equipped with a strong technical background.

Do you have any of these IT problems?


  • Non-functional computers or other hardware
  • Lack of technical knowledge on your team
  • Lack of familiarity with hardware and software
  • Inability to customize systems to the needs of your organisation
  • Playing telephone tag with your IT support provider and re-explaining issues again and again
  • Unpredictable systems outages at the most crucial times

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