Do you experience these IT issues?

  • Long backup windows
  • Unreliable backup and restore processes
  • No documented disaster recovery plan
  • Uncertainty around business continuity
  • Slow recovery time

Then it’s time to evaluate your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

Dependable Tasmanian disaster recovery and business continuity services

Would your business survive a theft, fire, severe storm or even a server crash?

93 percent of companies that suffer significant data loss close their doors within five years. The safety and security of your Tasmanian organisation are too vital to leave to chance.

Protect your data with the safest backup method for disaster recovery. Advanced business continuity planning services from Motivate IT combine leading cloud backup solutions and disaster recovery planning to keep your data accessible — no matter what.

Survive any disaster with advanced backups from Motivate IT

Disasters come in many forms — like employee theft, inclement weather and even accidental data loss. But they don’t have to spell catastrophe for your Tasmanian business. Motivate IT protects your valuable data — and quickly recovers it if necessary.

Armed with a backup and disaster recovery blueprint, you can continue business as usual through any disaster.

Due to global climate change, natural disaster occurrences have increased and intensified, and so has the destruction they cause.

The 2016 Cyber Resilience Report found that 66% of companies in 61 countries experienced at least 1 cyber incident in the last year.

The most frequent, common, and often detrimental cause of disasters that can disrupt Business Continuity is unintentional human error.

Hardware, software, systems, and data centers – you rely on them everyday. When they fail, your business doesn’t have to.

We have partnered with the best in the business to keep your data safe!