Human Error

Human Error accounts for on average 1/3 instances of data loss among businesses.


This can include anything from unintentional admin errors and damaged or lost hardware, to intentional deletion of files by disgruntled employees. On average, 70% of the successful attacks on businesses came from internal threats like employees and contractors.

“But this won’t happen to us” – sadly this is not always the case. We are all human and, as a result, we sometimes make mistakes. As business owners we sometimes like to bury our heads in the sand, choosing to ignore the possibility of any of these scenarios taking place, but what if there was a better option?

It’s an undeniable fact that in today’s business environment, companies run on data. How would your business survive if critical financial or client data was lost forever? The right Data Security Plan will ensure that your information is always protected and accessible, meaning that in the event of human error, your business can continue as usual. No Stress. No downtime. No profit loss.

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